My name is John Kruze, call me Kruze. I am a speaker, leader, and mentor. It is my mission and life’s work to help as many people as I can realize that the tools to crafting a better life are ready to be used right now!

It all started on August 28th, 2015. I got the most devastating, life changing phone call anyone could imagine. I remember so clearly sitting in my car and receiving the phone call from my aunt, she called to tell me that my dad had gone into my grandmothers attic where he caught her house on fire. After lighting the house ablaze, he came downstairs where he sat down in front of my grandmother, said “watch this”, and continued to shoot himself in front of her. Life forever changed. This day marked the beginning of the most difficult chapter of my life. It gets worse. The following month at my dad’s wake, I see my best friend for the last time. Just a few days later I get a text message late at night, all it says is “Kirk’s dead.” Kirk and I were best friends, we got out of the military at the same time, started college together, and got our first apartment together. Most importantly we were there for each other through the transition of soldier back to civilian, a transition that only so many people can be understand. For the next year I had to “stay strong” for my grandmother, that’s the way I saw it. One year and seven days after Kirk’s passing, my grandmother Shiela passed away too. In August of that year she was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach and lung cancer. This is when I hit bottom but I didn’t let bottom last last!

Just three months after my grandmother passed away I made the decision to leave California and make my way to Las Vegas. I knew that I needed a new surrounding if I was going to overcome these experiences and I was right, a new surrounding is exactly what I needed! This is where Crafting Life With Kruze comes from! Despite arriving in Vegas with low energy, missing my loved ones, and in the worst shape, I came determined! I know that I’d be doing a horrible disgrace to the memory of my best friend and grandmother if I just threw in the towel, I came to Las Vegas ready to go to higher heights than ever before!! After losing my dad and best friend I looked around for answers and no one around me knew ANY! The best I got was, do you want a beer! I made it a mission to learn how to build my life in a way that I wasn’t dealing with these losses but was living with them in a great way! I did just that, I did exactly what you’re told NOT to do. I came to Vegas where I had no friends, isolated myself, and crafted my life in a way that I KNEW would allow me to prosper! 

AND NOW HERE I AM! I’m here to help you and anyone else who’s looking for tested ways to craft a life of fulfillment, prosperity, and smiles with loved ones! Are YOU ready??